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Strive to let skating enthusiasts choose products that meet their wishes in our shop. With a nostalgic throwback to the ’70s, 80’s & 90’s, Cubidupi is bringing back the yesteryears of the skate. We create hand-crafted skates that utilize the finest materials and designs to maximize comfort and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just picking up your first set of wheels, Cubidupi has all of the industry-leading skate gear and support you need to up your game. Put simply, if you’re looking for the most effective, durable and high-quality roller-skating equipment around, then you’ve come to the right place.

Started with a human being’s beautiful soul, we built CubiDupi to cut through the noise. We had grown tired of seeing the same old styles at the gym or in the streets. Where was the originality? The passion?

We knew it was time to shake things up and get a little wild. Just like graffiti art has breathed new life into the streets of our home city, we were ready to bring fresh energy with our unique designs!

Our patterns are inspired by the gorgeous souls all around us just itching to express themselves boldly and unapologetically. No matter your culture, gender, body type, or lifestyle – we have a pattern that will make you look and feel sexy AF, and our feather-light, made-with-love fabric will take you everywhere you go in total comfort and style.

"Fashion changes but style remains." This is the sentence that Ms. Channel famous for. What is fashion? You and I may have different ideas, still, we have our own style as you do. Cubidupi wants to create those fashion from the old days and mix them with fashion trends nowadays. Funky and vintage, comfortable and stylish, we want to express this lifestyle you are in love with.

he future. What is the best way to start with?
We make the kind of clothes you look forward to putting on day after day, morning-to-night, night-to-morning-all year-round. And is there anything more dangerous than looking great, feeling sexy, and making a statement?!


To make all this happen, comfort is our NO. 1 rule, the soul and begin and the end.

Know your body, know your style, know your power!


Company Profile

Cubidupi was found in 2019. Our warehouse and factory located in China. Our categories include including leggings, sports shorts, sports roller skates, and inline skates, etc. Our clothing pursues fit and quality testing. We create skates that utilize the finest materials and designs to maximize comfort and performance.
Cubidupi is an online store which only sells online now but we have work with some location fitness and studio before we officially launched. In the past few months, Cubidupi has gained more love from our customers than we thought which inspire us to be better. We have more than 150 influencers working with us including and we have sold to more than 20 countries by now.

Address: Room 401, Building 66, Universiade Software Town, 8288 Longgang Avenue, He'ao Community, Yuanshan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Email: service@cubidupi.com